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A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd has invested in on-site housing to offer employees accommodation at a subsidized rate. This housing offers employees and their families a home close to work. There are over 1,800 employees currently living in staff housing, the majority which are women and single mothers.

Free child care services are offered for employees who require supervision for their child during working hours. This service is free of charge for employees.

Employees are provided with a free meal during their working shift. A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd provides over 7,000 meals free of charge daily. Many of the vegetables are grown in our own farm.

New mothers are provided with a 1 year supply of free Milk to promote healthy infant development.

Transport to/from work is available for employees to ensure they arrive on time and safely to work and home. We have a total of 15 Staff buses bringing employees to/from work every day.

A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd promotes health among all employees and has built a full-size sports field where employees can play sports after working hours. Our sports coordinator organizes teams and games against other organizations in Arusha and surrounding areas.

A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd believes in building capacity amongst employees in both vocational and personal development areas. Training is offered on-the-job, through training seminars and in our on-site classrooms. All training is provided free of charge and during working hours for employees to gain further knowledge in their line of work and personal development.

Some of the topics covered during training include: 
Management skills 
Work ethics 
Health and Safety 
Computer classes 
Quality Assurance 
Team building 
Core Company Values 
Planning and Organization skills 
Life skills