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AgroZ® Bag

AgroZ® Bag is multi-layered hermetic bag recommended for the storage of grains and pulses for six to nine months and sometimes longer period of time to protect against insects and pests without using pesticide dusts

  • AgroZ® Bag is recommended for the storage of maize, sorghum, rice, millet, dried beans and other pulses
  • AgroZ® Bag comes in standard size of 80 cm x 130 cm which can store 100 kg of maize and can be reused for three seasons or more 


AgroZ® Bag Plus

AgroZ® Bag Plus is a premium product specially designed for the storage of maize and dried cassava in areas where these crops are regularly and heavily attacked by the larger grain borer (LGB).

AgroZ® Bag Plus comes in standard size of 80 cm x 130 cm which can store 100 kg of maize and can be reused for three seasons or more


AgroZ® Net

AgroZ® Net is recommended for building low cost green houses and net houses that helps to increase vegetables yields up to 40%, while reducing pesticides use up to 80%

AgroZ® Net is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) net for microclimate modification and the exclusion of insect pests in the protected cultivation of horticultural crops – vegetables, fruit and ornamentals

AgroZ® Net comes in two mesh sizes of 0.4 mm and 0.9 mm

  • AgroZ® Net 04 is recommended for use in tomatoes, sweet pepper, cucumber and all seedlings production
  • AgroZ® Net 09 is recommended for use in brassicas (cabbages, broccoli, pak choi, etc.), other leafy vegetables, French beans and watermelon

AgroZ® Net 04 and 09 comes in a roll size of 5.5 m x 30.0 m

AgroZ® Crates 

AgroZ® Crates are stackable, nestable, strong and durable, made from food grade HDPE plastic

  • treated for UV protection
  • weighs 2 kg when empty
  • external dimensions are: L 63 cm x W 38 cm x H 30 cm.
  • It can carry 18 kg of French beans or 25 kg of tomatoes

AgroZ® Crates comes in many basic colors (picture)

AgroZ® Crates occupy 50% space only during transporting or storing in the ware house while empty and nested

AgroZ® Shade Net

AgroZ® Shade Net providing with 55%, 75% and 90% shade are used in ornamental horticulture, coffee seedling production and in vegetable production in specific conditions.

  • AgroZ® Shade Net comes in a roll size of 2 m x 100 m
  • AgroZ® Shade Net covering a coffee seedlings nursery.
AgroZ® Ground Cover 

AgroZ® Ground Cover is a thick woven plastic cover, treated for the UV protection

  • used for the control of weeds
  • preserves moisture in the soil
  • can be used for 3-5 years

AgroZ® Ground Cover comes in a roll size of 1.6 m x 200 m